Real Estate Tips for Selling Your Property

Dress your Property for Sale

Preparing your property for sale is a crucial part of the sales process – when there are plenty of buyers in the market, the right preparation can help you to get top dollar for your property and good presentation can help to sell your home more quickly. Unless your house is hideously dated or very run down, we recommend that you don’t spend a fortune to smarten it up. The possibility of over capitalising is very real, particularly in a competitive market.

Look at any problem areas objectively, consider where improvements can be made for little outlay and make them. More often than not, a good clean, de-clutter and some paint will work wonders.

To get the best results in selling your property, we recommend you to follow our tips below:
Clean up Your Property- Give your home a Real Spring Clean
  • Declutter your property, and take out unnecessary things from the property. You may have someone who cleans the windows and maybe you keep your garden quite tidy. Wipe down skirting boards and door frames
  • Clean every floor, work surface and table top
  • Vacuum under rugs
  • Hang clothes in your wardrobes
  • Remove clutter (and dust bunnies) from under your bed.
  • Hire in some more modern furniture and put yours into storage while the property is for sale.
  • Clean the cobwebs over the porch.
  • Mud on the walls in the hallway from dogs shaking and gumboots being kicked off needs to be scrubbed away.
  • Lighten Up & Heat Up the Property. Maximising the light in your home makes it feel more welcoming and seem bigger. Make your house feel warm and cosy as it makes buyers feel more secure.
First Impressions Really Do Count

This is when the property is marketed with a selling price – the amount the seller wants to be paid for his property.

Selling by Negotiation

If you have someone who is coming for a viewing your property, that’s a great sign. It means that they have read about your property, probably know the area it is in, have even seen a picture of it on the Internet or in the newspaper, know the price range and are still very interested.
Smarten up your home to improve its kerb appeal. Keep in mind that many prospective buyers will do a “drive by” before they call an agent to go through the properties they like. If your front garden is a mess, you’ve stacked bins by the front door, your window frames are peeling paint and your windows are grimy, no-one is going to give your home a second look unless they are looking for a restoration project.



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